BUMBLEance Visit

BUMBLEance, the National Children Hospital visited the school. The TY students got to hear and see what this organisation does first hand. It was an eye opening experience for the TY students

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Computer Classes

On Friday in Lusk Community College we had the first of our 121digital lessons. Nine learners came in from the local community and were paired with one or two TY students. Over the course of the lessons the learners will be taught how to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop. We all look forward to the progress that is sure to happen over the next lessons.

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Wassa Wassa Drumming Workshop

All TY students took part in the Wassa Wassa Drumming Workshop. All students were on beat.

First Aid Course

We want to say a massive thank you to our Parents Association for helping our TY students become trained in FirstAid today. These are extremely important skills our students have learned which will help them deal with any situation that comes their way.


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Maths Week

TY students got involved in Maths week in Lusk Community College. They first taught maths lessons to the both local Primary Schools. They then went on a maths trail in Town. They also went to the RDS to where they took part in an Exploding Dots lecture that knocked their socks off!!!




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