Student Nominated for National Award -The Richard Burke TY Personified Award

Well done to Niamh Rafferty who was selected as the 8 Finalist for the Richard Burke TY Personified Student of Ireland Award. It is a massive achievement for Niamh and the school TY programme to be recognised at awarded at a nation level.  We are very proud of all Niamh’s Achiements to date.  Our Current TY students have got of the a great start to year enjoying the School Summit and the TY Expo. Looking forward to the Year Ahead.

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Presentation on Road Safety by Garda David Barron

On Wednesday 18th of January, Garda David Barron from Santry Traffic Division delivered a two hour road safety to all Transition Year students. The talk covered all elements of road safety and highlighted each individual’s role in road safety. The talk was highly engaging and informative. All transition year students study the module ‘Your Road to Safety’ as part of the transition year programme .The module is delivered by Ms. McNamara.


Mini Med in RCSI

Niamh Rafferty and Rafeal Kramer took part in Meni Med Programme in RCSI where they learned about the medical profession and college life. They both agreed it was a amazing experience.


Fencing and Rock Climbing in DCU

On the 17th of January all TY students took park and learned about the different sports that they had not tried before. TY students took part in Rock Climbing and in Fencing. They learned the importance of physical activity and how there are many different sports on hobbies that they can get involved in.


They also got a tour of TCD and got a glimps of college life



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TY Compute in DCU

On the 9th of January ten of our students took part in TY Compute in DCU. They learned about computer science and different options they would have in DCU. They learned about App development, Computer programming and Web design. 

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