Student Council 2013/2014


Lusk Community College

Student Council 2014 




Lusk Community College Student Council is made up of two representatives from each class.

Elections took place for this year’s Student Council in September 2013 in the Assembly Area.

All students got the opportunity to experience the election process! There was a Ballot Box, Polling Station and Ballot Papers! We used the ‘First Past the Post System’

The student council meet once a month in Room 7. Mrs McSorley is the Student Council Liaison Teacher. Mrs Atkins the Principal attended our first meeting.

During the meetings we take minutes, the agenda is drawn up in advance and displayed on the interactive whiteboard. The Student Council have a folder on the staff server so our agenda and minutes can be viewed by members of staff.

During our first meeting we decided that it was important to create a Student Council Notice Board that notified students of upcoming events and we also created a feedback sheet that allowed students to give ideas or suggestions to the student council. We bring the feedback sheets to every meeting and discuss what ideas the students have come up with.

During the first term in Lusk Community College we decided to organize a non-uniform day and Halloween Dress Up on Friday the 25th of October. We raised €194. With the money the Student Council decided to buy its very first Christmas tree.


In December the student council organized a Hamper Appeal for St Vincent de Paul. The appeal was hugely supported by parents and students of Lusk Community College.

The student council has also been involved in a ‘No Chewing Gum!’ initiative, with a decision they made to fine students €2.00 for possession or chewing of gum.
Money raised will go to charity!

The student council raised €166.00 from a non- uniform day on Friday 20th December, the money raised bought the college a microwave for student use and footballs and basketballs for use during lunchtime! We surveyed students to see what equipment and amenities they would like to see in the school and these were the most popular.

The student council also made a presentation to the Parents’ Association on the 28th February 2014 to outline the role of the Student Council and to appeal for their support in raising money for recreational equipment for students during break and lunch time.
The Student Council were also invited by the Chairperson of the Board of Management Cllr. Ken Farrell to attend a Board of Management Meeting on 5th March 2014 to outline their role in Lusk Community College.

Lusk Community College plans to run an Easter Fundraiser Raffle all proceeds to be donated to the Home Economic Department for the purchase of Sewing Machines

Our goals for the future are to hold an Annual End of Year Evaluation meeting to Review the work of the Student Council using the Student Council Evaluation Booklet available from and next year we would like to create a Student Newsletter.

Student Council Lusk Community College.