New Basketball & Athlethics Jerseys

"Our new basketball and athletics jerseys arrived yesterday and they look superb. 

Kindly sponsored by Swords Motor Factors Lusk Branch and one of their suppliers Berg and Beck. 

Lets hope they quality of the jerseys is matched on the field of play. 

Produced by Balon Sportswear.”



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Book Donations Wanted

All students are taking part in a reading initiative this term. We are requesting that parents donate any suitable used books they have lying around to our school library. We are running a raffle for students who bring in book donations.

Thank you.


Message from the Principal Safety for student drop off in cars

Lusk CC Safety and Consideration while in Cars before School Starts and after School Ends

Could all adults driving cars to Lusk Community College please take due care to other road users, including other drivers and pedestrians, especially children. Set-down areas are provided in our grounds for our students to be dropped off once the car is parked correctly. Students should not be dropped off from a moving car or an un-parked car while holding up traffic. No car should be blocking another parked car for any period of time. Set-down areas are just used for set-down and 5 minute stays are the normal.

The disabled parking bays are for students or parents with mobility issues.

Your respect for other road users is much appreciated. Thank you.

Principal and Secretary to the Board of Management of Lusk Community College



November 2015 Exam Timetable

Attention parents of incoming students for 2016

**Attention parents of incoming students for September 2016**


A reminder for all parents of our incoming students for September 2016. The deadline to return your acceptance slip is 1pm Monday 16th November. Please be advised if you do not return the slip by that time we will have to assume that you no longer require the place and that place will be allocated to the next person on our waiting list.


Thank you.