Lusk Community College

Lusk Community College is an inclusive second level for both boys and girls serving the Lusk area and North County Dublin. This first class educational facility opened its doors for the first time to 110 students in August 2013. The current phase one of the building caters for 350 students and the second phase will add an additional 650 places. This will bring the overall capacity to 1000 students.

We place great emphasis on excellent teaching and learning. We expect every student to do their best. Staff members are very well qualified, dedicated professionals who strive to achieve high standards in their work. We work in tandem with parents and legal guardians and aim to assist them in their role as primary educators. We place great emphasis on students' welfare. We strive to provide an enjoyable and personal experience with a rich range of opportunities. This results in a vibrant spirit of community permeating all activities.

Lusk Community College is a digital school that is mirroring and building on the success of the modern Irish economy by underpinning all aspects of teaching, learning and managing the school with modern up-to-date technology. All students have purchased iPads which they use in every class subject.


The school crest was completed by a design company following a Design- a -Crest competition. We got a great number of entries across all the primary feeder schools from 6th Class students enrolled in Lusk community College for September 2013.

There were three winners as follows:

Mohomed Ali from Rush and Lusk Educate Together NS,

Fionn O’Malley from Lusk National School and 

Jack Weldon Murphy from Lusk National School.

Each of the three students were presented with a kindle.


Prize Winners of School Crest Competition

Fionn O'Malley, Roisin Scott, Jack Weldon Murphy


Prize Winner with Principal


Jack Weldon Murphy with Principal Ms. Atkins


Fionn  O'Malley with Principal Ms. Atkins

Fionn  O'Malley with Principal Ms. Atkins 

Mohamed Ali with Principal Ms. Atkins 

Mohamed Ali with Principal Ms. Atkins


Lusk Community College Crest - ColourLusk Community College Crest - Monocolour